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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for May

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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05.05.11 Tanka Bars By Karl from Durant

Tanka bars are incredible awesome. They are moist, delicious, and the hint of cranberry adds a unique flavor to the jerky. This is by far my favorite jerky. Minimally processed, without the extra additives (and gluten free) just adds to my love for these bars!

05.05.11 Keep up the good work! By Kathie from Marysville

My husband and I really love the Tanka Bars and are looking forward to eating the Tanka Dogs! I am a Naturopathic Physician, and very interested in healthy diets and prevention of chronic conditions such as diabetes. I am proud to be able to support your cause and nourish my family at the same time! Wishing you much success!!!!

05.06.11 Tanka Bars By Dena from Overland Park

The first time, I ordered a gift basket for myself. That was about a month or two ago. They were perfect for my afternoon work snack and even better on the trail. Portable and healthy, packed with nutrients and energy, they fit with my "primal" lifestyle. Today I'm ordering in bulk of every item available.
Instead of sending gift baskets laden with sugary junk, I'm going to send Tanka from now on. PERIOD!

05.06.11 Tanka Products By Rameses from Normandy

Hello, I just want to say that I will always love the taste and healthy value I get from Tanka Products. I first ran across Tanka Bars in a health food magazine and was automatically drawn to them. The ingredients of Buffalo and cranberries really got my attention. My mother and younger brother (Nakia Tanaha) even loves them. Now you have introduced wild rice, which is totally wonderful. I have ordered the Tanka Dogs too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift.

05.06.11 THE BEST By Sara from Aumsville

We first tried the Tanka Bars, then saw the Tanka dogs. Just ordered a case of them to keep in the freezer. They are the best hot dogs we have tried. We keep the Tanka Bars in the cupboard at all times! We like to pack them to take with us for a day trip or vacation; much better than a sugar filled nutrition bar.
We also ordered gift baskets at Christmas time-the calendar is great! The sweetgrass braid is still fragrant; such a nice touch for the gift basket.
Great service too!

05.16.11 to do list: what to do with your tax refund: buy tanka bars By Nina from Gresham

I saw a friend on fb talking about tanka bars and it got me curious. I finally got my hands on some at a local natural food store. Hooked but hate to have to drive that far for one so I finally ordered when a tax refund came in. :)

I'm also on an eating program that requires servings of proteins during the day and I want this to be one of my options to cheese and eggs. Thanks for making such a great product!

05.23.11 Tanka By Leo from Corrales

I came across these Bars at REI and thought I'd try them for a change. Great flavor, that little bit of spice really does add something. With all of the fitness mags mentioning the need to incorporate protein into the foods you eat while exercising, I thought this would be perfect. I have truely enjoyed these products. For me, any of the "spicey" products are the best.

05.24.11 Can't Get Along Without Them By Linda from Ames

I love Tanka dogs so much I eat them almost every day. My local co-op doesn't always have them, so I'm going right to the source. Thanks for making these wonderful buffalo hotdogs.

05.26.11 Tanka Bars By Nicolya from Longview

I have tried many similar products and this is by far the best I've ever tasted! I like that they are a natural food and you can definitely taste the benefits. My kids even like them and I have a couple picky eaters on my hands! I'm hooked :)

05.27.11 No Subject By Carol from Skiatook

tanka bars saved me when i was going through chemotherapy. all i could eat were grapes and bananas, but my doctor wanted me to get more protein. these were easy and really tasty. (the last thing i wanted to do was cook). my husband also takes them in his tractor when he is cutting hay-he prefers the sticks. i wish our local wholefoods would sell them!

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