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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for April

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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04.04.11 Reordering with thanks By Martha from San Francisco

Hey guys,

I started with Tanka Bars because I have gluten/allergy problems and iffy blood sugar. Sometimes I need to eat something solid fast and it can't be just anything, and these are a perfect emergency food. I have now spread the gospel of Tanka Bars to my mom, my employer, and the guy who shares office space with us.

You will keep making these bars, right? Don't change anything, please.

04.17.11 Smaller T-Shirt Sizes, Please By Robert from San Anselmo

This is the second time I am ordering a case of Tanka Bars. They make great thank you gifts, expecially gifts to the drum and singers at powwows, an excellent alternative to the traditional tobacco products. I can also give them to Scouts, and they are a tremendous hit!
Tanka Bars are awesome!!

04.19.11 Tanka By Rebecca from Reno

I love you guys. I am mostly pescetarian. Tanka bars are some of the only land meat I eat! They're so much healthier than common beef, and they're easy to take with me when I'm on the go.

04.20.11 Tanka bars By Michael from Boca Raton

tried the Tanka bars last week for the first time. Wow great taste and healthy at the same time.
I'll keep these in my golf bag always.
Thanks again for making such a great product.

04.20.11 Good quality, Happy to support a local Tribal Business but like to see in more stores! By Kieran from Omaha

I first found Tanka Bars at a local Healt Food store in Cambridge, Massachussets, but have had trouble finding since. I appreciate the recent specials to allow customers to buy them with free shipping, though would be great to see them marketed to more businesses!

Personally do alot of work with Native communities, and its exciting to see a tribal business growing while also grounded in a traditional, healthy food very important to the Lakota people. Hope to see it grow!

04.21.11 Great post-workout food By William from Petersburg

Forget all the fancy energy bars and shakes. Tanka is the best post-gym snack I've found.

04.25.11 Tasty and good for you By joe m from Watertown

I'm out and about a lot, and I'm so glad to find a trail food with the convenience of beef jerky but without all the nitrites and nitrates -- food that's actually good for me. And it tastes great.

04.26.11 Awesome By Jason from Los Angeles

Your bars are awesome. Why would I want to eat crappy processed bars when I can have real meat instead? I like that your bars aren't too salty and very mild. I don't get indigestion while I'm trekking. I think you guys should update your website and logo to make it more modern. Some people don't know that this is the healthier option. Gotta get that info out there! Good luck! This stuff is amazing.

04.28.11 Taste By Alethea from Newport

Had my doubts about what these bars would taste like. They were great! So happy to have found a protein option that is more than whey, etc.

04.30.11 product & website By Amy from Black Mountain

Found your product in a local REI store. LOVE IT! Have eaten buffalo for years from a local farm and am very happy to find this. I do alot of back country hiking, backpacking and travel, so you can count on lots of orders from me!
Visited your site immediately to order in bulk and really like the ease of your site and congratulate you on the way you have linked it into other informative sites--well-done.
Thank you for offering healthy, earth-conscious alternatives from the heart of your culture.

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Guest on Wed May 11, 2011 14:57:31
I love Tanka Bars, especially for my grandchildren as a snack. They keep them in their bags and know I have them with me always. They love the sweetness of the Tanka Bar. I have diabetes and my blood sugar levels stay where they need to be when I eat them.