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Practical jokes ensue at the Tanka Bar headquarters

By the Tanka Team

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Seeing how today is April Fools Day, the Tanka Team decided to have a little fun with our marketing specialist, Jason Stover, courtesy of our production manager, Tonya Hunter.

Tonya sent out an email to Jason saying our CEO Karlene Hunter wanted to see Jason in her office or call Linda Crider, Director of Marketing and Communications, immediately. According to Jason, the message had a lot of exclamation points in it. And the subject line was marked URGENT.

Apparently Jason came into work a little later than usual, and Tonya said he was pretty worried when he went into her office asking what was the problem. Tonya, of course, said she didn't know.

"I took it serious and called Linda because Karlene just left for the day. As soon as she [Linda] said, 'I didn't have you call me,' it clicked in my head that Tonya got me," Jason said. "I went back into Tonya's office and told her Linda said because I missed half the day so far, I should just leave for the other half of the day, but I couldn't keep a straight face! She got me so good and she just sat there and laughed and laughed."

We have to hand it to Jason for being such a great sport with his approving "thumbs up."

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