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Tanka CEO Karlene Hunter (left) with Samantha Wender of ABC (Photos by Jason Stover)

20/20 associate producer interviews Tanka CEO Karlene Hunter
By Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

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Samantha Wender, associate producer of "20/20," "Primetime" and ABC News Magazines, stopped by the Tanka headquarters yesterday.

Ms. Wender has been working on a story covering the Pine Ridge Reservation for a few months and wanted to include Tanka in the piece. She interviewed Native American Natural Foods CEO, Karlene Hunter, who shared her thoughts about Ms. Wender's visit.

"It's always exciting to have people visit us, and when you have a company or network coming out to interview you and visit you, it adds to the momentum," Ms. Hunter said. "As a small company out here on a reservation, it was good to see that we are nationally recognized. It shows us that our marketing strategies are working. Being so isolated, we are always evaluating our strategies."

Ms. Wender said that ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer has indeed eaten a Tanka Bar and has heard of our products. Ms. Sawyer will be the host of the segment. The show's air date will be sometime in mid-June and will hopefully include the segment on Tanka Bar. Ms. Hunter wanted Ms. Wender to know what positive things are happening on Pine Ridge and expressed her hope that the show will highlight them.

"These are exciting times. The face of our reservation is changing," Ms. Hunter said. "There are so many opportunities and things are changing all the time for the good. It is not stagnant here. It's not all about poverty and doom and gloom. We are in a new age."

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