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Dallas ISD students make their mark for
the pow wow 2011 season

By Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

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The Dallas Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) hosted its annual student pow wow March 26, 2011 at Raul Quintanilla Middle School in Dallas, TX. Harold Rogers of KNON's Beyond Bows and Arrows, master of ceremonies for the pow wow, often commented on how traditional and impressive many of the participating students performed and carried themselves.

The Bear Claw Singers out of Dallas, TX, was the host drum at the event. To read more about the group, and hear their music: Bear Claw Singers

Head staff for the pow wow are as follows:

Host Drum: Bear Claw Singers
MC: Harold Rogers
AD: Henry Sekletstewa
Assistant AD's: Hunter & Dakotah Voice
Head Gourd: Travis Hunter Tafolla
Head Elementary Boy: Anthony Moreno
Head Elementary Girl: Ariana Ortiz
Head Middle School Boy: Hiloha Folsom-Turrubiarte
Head Middle School Girl: Justine Wood
Head High School Boy: Alex Lena
Head High School Girl: Monica Kampeska

If you have any photos from this pow wow season, please email them to, and we will share them on the Tanka Bar website.

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