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University of Alaska Fairbanks students
share photo op with Tanka and a polar bear

By the Tanka Team

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Thanks to Sarah McConnell, program manager/faculty of the Troth Yeddha' Nutrition Project at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, for sending us this photo of a few of her students in the program. The Troth Yeddha' Nutrition Project is a Rural Nutrition Services program at the university that gives students an opportunity to learn healthy eating and lifestyles while also offering useable college curriculum.

Here her students stand with the Tanka Bar banner and Nanook, the UAF mascot ice sculpture.

For more about the Troth Yeddha' Nutrition Project, read Rural Alaskans learn to live healthy while getting first taste of college

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Guest on Fri Mar 11, 2011 15:31:28
Love your picture! Love Tanka Bars!