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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for Febuary
By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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02.01.11 Great product! By Cody J.

These are fantastic. For someone with Celiac, like me, finding good tasting gluten-free bars is difficult. Tanka bars are the best I have found.

02.04.11 Gift basket By Bernyce from Warm Springs

I received my order very quickly & just as quickly it was gone! All Tanka items were delicious! I shared with co-workers, who enjoyed the Tanka treats. I have re-ordered a larger gift basket & plan to keep it all to myself this time!!

Eugene was very helpful & courteous.

02.08.11 No Subject By Jospeh from Neenah

First heard of these in Backpacker magazine. used the traditional bar on a 4 day hike last year and it was great. Just ordered 48 for a 5 day hike in the Grand Canyon. Perfect trail snack.

02.12.11 Tanka Bites By Priscilla D.

I just wanted to say how much I love your product, and especially the Tanka Bites. I don't think I will ever eat any other brand but yours. It is fantastic! Keep up the great work....and may the Great Spirit Bless You ALL!

02.12.11 Yay! By Erin from Reno

L-O-V-E that your product contains foods I love (and which are nutritious), doesn't seem to contain the nitrates/nitrites so harmful in beef jerky, and is purchase-able online. THANK YOU! :D Don't stop making these. I want to eat them all the time.

02.14.11 K.I.S.S By Joe from Middleton

These follow the K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple, stupid) and it's amazing how tasty they are. Love them! Bought the sample pack first and now just ordered 48. Perfect for a Paleo Diet snack!!

02.19.11 Best bars I've ever found By julie from coupeville

I'm a native South Dakotan now living in Washington State. We eat bison meat often and when I saw these at my local farmers co-op I thought they might be just the ticket for hiking. Well, they are so good that I give them to all my friends and family and eat one almost every day. After I learned they were from SD, I became a talking tanka bar billboard and promote them every chance I get. Great Job!

02.21.11 Pemmican... By Brent from Culpeper

All woodsmen know that fat is essential in a survivor-style diet. So why have we converted all our jerkies to fatless hunks of meat? Thank you, Tankabar, for staying true to your ancestry, and tradition, and providing us with a nourishing, fatty "superfood!"

02.25.11 Tanka Bars, Bites and Sticks By Annie from Nederland

I found these at our little mountain market in town. Any of the Tanka products are great to have on hand no matter where I am. Super for low carb diets. No gluten or other additives make these the best quick snack. So tasty and satisfying. I also like the thought of them being a Native American tradition. Thanks so much!

02.28.11 Tanka Bites By Staci from Sioux Falls

Thanks for making such a FABULOUS product that is a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day!! Being a breast cancer survivor, I love that they are all natural. I'm looking forward to trying the sticks for the first time!!

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