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FITBOMB paleo blogger takes Tanka to work
By The Tanka Team

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Before the holidays we discovered a cool paleo blog: FITBOMB. Paleo eaters avoid grains and sugar as well as unprocessed foods.

As the FITBOMB blogger describes himself on his Twitter account, he is a "Husband. Dad. Intermittently fasting low-carb Paleo eater. CrossFit junkie. Ex-P90Xer. Unfrozen caveman lawyer."

He also makes his own jerky but he's a big fan of Tanka Bar. He wrote:

"The primary ingredient of most LARABAR varieties is one or more high-glycemic fruits like dates or bananas -- and since I don't tend to eat a lot of sugary fruits these days, I'm also not making a habit of chowing down on LARABARs. So what's at the bottom of my briefcase? Answer: Tanka Bars."

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Cara on Tue Jan 4, 2011 16:20:8
I love the Tanka Bar! So yummy!