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Alaskan mushers ride the trail with Tanka Bars
By Jodi Bailey, story and photo

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NOTE: Jodi Bailey, a competitive long-distance dog musher, is a Facebook friend and a big fan of Tanka. She will be doing the Iditarod Sled dog race this year. Here she talks about riding with Tanka Bars on the trail and the importance of nutrition during the sport.

The world's greatest long-distance athletes (sled dogs) thrive on a nutritious meat diet. I am not nearly as athletic as my sled dogs, but I also need a nutritious diet to sustain my energy for long distance races. I depend on Tanka bars to help keep me going. They are an alternative to the overly processed, high-sugar energy bars. And they taste great!

In long distance events at extremely cold temperatures you need a quality diet to keep your health and energy. Tanka bars give me the protein I need, and I feel much better knowing it is healthy, organic meat.

I first learned about Tanka bars from an instructor at the Interior-Aleutians Campus who runs the Rural Nutrition Services program.

I was so pleased to find a healthy organic alternative to commercial snack products. They fit my goals of having a great diet and taking care of myself so that I can be 100 percent on the trail, and better able to take care of my team.

Happy trails!

For more about Ms. Bailey and her team, visit Dew Claw Kennel.

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