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'The Primal Blueprint' author Mark Sisson
recommends Tanka for holidays

By The Tanka Team

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buffaloWe are so excited to announce that Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple has recommended Tanka Bar as one of his holiday gift suggestions to support a Primal lifestyle. Sisson is author of the book The Primal Blueprint, which is based on "lifestyle principles that have governed human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology."

Mr. Sisson creates his holiday list every year to serve two purposes, as he explains on his site: to "help people give Primal gifts and raise awareness of products that deserve to be seen."

Mr. Sisson writes:
"Think Buffalo candy, or low-fat pemmican. Tanka Bars are made of bison and cranberries -- nothing else --and they were featured in this year's round of contests. I prefer pemmican myself, but not everybody enjoys the beef candle texture. For them, a few Tanka bars in the stocking will be a nice surprise."

For more about The Primal Blueprint:

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