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Bobby Thornton from Boise Consumer Co-op at the UNFI West Tabletop in Reno.
Tanka Spotlight: Boise Consumer
Co-op, Boise, ID

By Jenice Johnson, marketing and communications manager

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Since our launch in October 2007 we have been privileged to work with outstanding retail partners. These folks are so passionate about their businesses and their customers we decided we needed to share their unique stories. If you'd like to be featured, or if you'd like to nominate a Tanka retailer for a story, please contact Jenice Johnson at

RETAILER: Boise Consumer Co-op

PERSON INTERVIEWED: Bobby Thornton, frozen food buyer

LOCATION: 888 West Fort St., Boise, Idaho, 83702

From the Boise Consumer Co-op website: "The Boise Co-op is a member owned cooperative, founded in 1973 by a few dozen individuals, including the present store manager Ken Kavanagh, who were brought together by a mutual interest and excitement in buying healthy, great tasting food for a reasonable price..."


Tanka Bar: What makes your business special?

Bobby Thornton: We provide good food and good products for our community.

TB: Can you tell me something fun or interesting about your community/town?

BT: There are very like-minded people here and a lot of outdoor fun activities such as skiing.

TB:How did you hear or find out about the Tanka Bar?

BT: I first discovered them at trade shows a couple of years back.

TB: What do your customers think about Tanka products?

BT: We sell quite a bit of them so customers must be satisfied and happy about the product.

TB: Are there any other interesting comments you would want to add about your business?

BT: We are all part of the community. We have fun and believe in what we do and what we can provide for our community.


The Boise Co-op earned the 2009 Business of the Year award from Northern Rocky Mountain.

From its humble beginnings of a handful of bulk and non-perishable items, the store has grown to a selection of more than 65,000 different items on any given day and housed in 26,000 square feet.

Boise Co-op has a very active Facebook fan page.

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