Folks from South Dakota State Tourism<br>stop by Tanka HQ

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Folks from South Dakota State Tourism
stop by Tanka HQ

By Jason Stover, story, and Eric Pourier, photos

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Alex Smith and Mel Ustad from the South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development stopped by Tanka Headquarters this week to meet our team and let us know about some potential grant opportunities.

Mr. Smith is Business Development Representative for the state and Mr. Ustad is the director of the Office of Commercialization.

Georgia McGaa, Manager of Inside Sales, and Karlene Janis, Operations Manager, met with our guests to discuss economic development and the Department's plan to finance programs to succeed and grow.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Ustad explained several programs available to small businesses, such as a grant program to help pay employees who are in training. Another is a program for building development, such as for a possible expansion of our shipping area to accommodate our frozen Tanka Dogs.

Many thanks to our guests for taking the time to stop by and share with us about their programs.

For more information: South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development

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