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We're in! Look for Tanka Bars
at all Sprouts Farmers Market checkstands!

By Aurora Geiogamah, Natural Specialty Sales

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You might have to squint a little bit to see us, but we are mighty proud to be able to announce that Tanka Bars are now available at all 54 Sprouts Farmers Markets! You can find Tanka Bar Traditional and Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend at every checkstand. In the photo above, we're on the bottom shelf.

Many, many thanks to Aurora Geiogamah and the rest of our great broker partners at Acosta/Natural Specialty Sales!

Many thanks, too, to our great retail partner, Sprouts Farmers Markets, for believing in Tanka products! We love their mission: "Sprouts Farmers Market helping America eat healthier, live longer and spend less."

For more information about this fast-growing chain of natural food stores: Sprouts Farmers Markets

For more information about our brokers: Natural Specialty Sales

To find a Tanka retailer near you: Tanka store locator

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