Oglala Lakota College's Bravehearts<br>have a new home court

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Oglala Lakota College's Bravehearts
have a new home court

By Jason Stover, story, and Eric Pourier, photos

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A full day of events marked the grand opening of a new multi-purpose building at Oglala Lakota College's Piya Wiconi Collage Center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The new building will serve as the home of the college basketball team, the Bravehearts.

After a blessing of the multi-purpose building by Wilmer Mesteth, Thomas Shortbull, President of Oglala Lakota College, gave a welcome message and then introduced the new faculty and staff. Guest speaker was Sam Vaghar of the Millennium Campus Network.

The dedication ceremony honored the college's coaches and the OLC Sports Committee. Scull Construction Company, the builder responsible for the building's construction, was also honored.

After lunch, there was a staff basketball game and men's and women's all-star games in the afternoon.

For more information: Oglala Lakota College

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