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How to merchandise Tanka Products

By the Tanka Team

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The retailers who carry Tanka products use a variety of methods for merchandising our buffalo and cranberry Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites and Tanka Sticks.

Here are a few examples of how some of our retailers showcase Tanka products:

Whole Foods Market, Birmingham, AL
At Whole Foods in Birmingham (photo below), they display Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites in the "bar set" next to other nutrition bars, such as LaraBars and Clif Bars:

(Photo by Clio Stewart)

Whole Foods Market, Atlanta, GA
At Whole Foods in Atlanta, (photo below), they display Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites on a special "endcap" display:

(Photo by a Tanka friend)

Sprouts Farmers Market, Boulder, CO
At Sprouts Farmers Market in Boulder, (photo below), Tanka Bars are displayed in the checkout line:

(Photo by Natural Specialty Sales)