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Look for the Rack 'O Tanka at all Sunflower Farmers Markets

By Natural Specialty Sales, photos, and Eric Pourier, slideshow

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Our great broker partners at Natural Specialty Sales (NSS) have spent the past several weeks setting up our new Tanka spinner racks at all the Sunflower Farmers Markets (called Newflower Farmers Markets in Texas). Several of the NSS team were kind enough to snap some photos for us to share, as well.

We may be just a wee bit prejudiced, but we think the new Tanka spinners look great! And now all of you who have been chomping at the bit for Tanka to arrive in your local Sunflower Markets know exactly what kind of display to look for.

Many thanks to the NSS team -- Donald Bukowski, Carrie Schultz, Carmen Sacerdote, Michelle Rochelle, Aurora Geiogamah, Chris Mathewson and Scott Premer -- for sharing these photos with us!

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