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One little sign with so many stories

By Mark Tilsen, Sr., president of Native American Natural Foods

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During a recent Tanka business trip to Tampa, FL, our president Mark Tilsen, Sr., discovered this quiet little plaque during one of his morning walks. Tucked beneath an overpass, the plaque describes the spot as the location of a Timuquan temple mound. From the brief description posted on the sign, the spot has had a varied history.

Unfortunately, the Timuquans' story doesn't have a happy ending. According to a story by Dr. Jerald T. Milanich, posted at Tanka retailer

"A 1717 census lists three villages housing a total of only 250 Timucua Indians. By 1726 that number had dropped to 157 Timucua, and two years later it was 70. In 1752, 29 Timucua remained, all living in a single town. A decade later when Spain withdrew from Florida there was only one Timucuan Indian still alive to accompany the Spaniards to Cuba."

For the full story, click and scroll down the page: AAA Native Arts

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Guest on Wed Jul 14, 2010 13:54:14
What a sad story. Thank you for sharing.