New bus stop opens up more job opportunities to youths on Pine Ridge Reservation

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New bus stop opens up more job opportunities to youths on Pine Ridge Reservation

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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This past year, the Oglala Sioux Transit bus system has been providing rides for customers across Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Recently, the system added a stop at the Tanka Headquarters in Kyle.

This is a great way for our partner in the eTanka Cafe, Thunder Valley Community Development Corp., to reach out to more youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Before, Thunder Valley was limited to just the local area youths to provide summer jobs. With our new transit system we have workers from distant parts of the reservation.

What our Thunder Valley Youth Workers had to say:

Dalton Buckman:
(Pine Ridge, about 45 miles from Tanka HQ)
"I would wake up in the morning and catch the bus at the Oglala Sioux Tribe Transit Station in Pine Ridge." He dislikes that some buses have no AC and that the big windows bake him in the sun. He likes the price of the bus rides ($7 a month), but he is glad that Thunder Valley Community Development picks up the tab. "I would have probably never had this job if we didn't have buses driving back and forth."

Maria Harris:
(Pine Ridge)
Maria likes the sleep she catches up on during her ride to and from Thunder Valley eTanka Cafe. She also enjoys that some of the seats are very comfortable.

Ernest Weston:
(Porcupine, about 20 miles from Tanka HQ)
He said he caught a ride on the bus a couple of times. He likes that the bus was quiet, and no kids crying. "It is a nice ride. I didn't like that it was a bumpy ride in some spots and that the drive is slow."

January Tobacco:
(Pine Ridge)
She likes that it is a ride to work but she doesn't like that it is a freezing cold ride because of the air conditioning.

Not interviewed: Sharay Brewer and Orien Brown

For more information about Oglala Sioux Transit or the bus schedule: 605-867-2332

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