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A little taste of home

By Eric Pourier, story, and Tonya Hunter, photos

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Jacey at his graduation from Little Wound High School in 2009

One of our team members, Tonya Hunter, shared this photo from her son Jacey, who has this little reminder of home hanging in his dorm room.

Jacey, who served as an intern for Tanka Bar last year, has been keeping busy with academics and football practice as a Freshman at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. Jacey took time for a short interview to catch us up on his latest adventures:

Tanka Bar: What is your major?

Jacey: Right now, during summer school, I'm taking math and English classes. I am planning on going into American Indian Studies. I wanted to stay for the summer. They have a great conditioning program for the football players here.

TB: What are your plans when you are finished with summer school?

Jacey: I want to go find a job and I want to keep training for football. I am planning on coming home for the remainder of the summer.

TB: What are your long-term plans for when you are done with school?

Jacey: I want to come back and help the community that I live in.

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