Nurses from Augsburg College stop by<br> Tanka HQ during tour of Pine Ridge Reservation

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Nurses from Augsburg College stop by
Tanka HQ during tour of Pine Ridge Reservation

By Jason Stover, story, and Eric Pourier, photos

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We've had a lot of visitors lately at the Tanka HQ, including a group of nursing students Wednesday from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.

Marty Aleman, a nursing instructor, said she has been bringing students to the Pine Ridge Reservation for the past six years. With the purpose of learning about community health and issues, the nurses spend most of their time with public health nurses to observe and learn about their work. They also meet with school nurses and other community members to learn about Lakota culture and healing traditions.

Ms. Aleman enjoyed a lunch of our Tanka Dogs at the Thunder Valley-eTanka Cafe along with her students: Karen Sellner, Cynthia Ellis, Nicki Anderson, Joni Burns-Duenes and Angela Ciliberto.

After lunch, Eric Pourier, a member of the Tanka marketing team, gave the group a tour of our building and they tried samples of the Tanka Bar and our new Tanka Wild sticks. Stephanie Pourier, Thunder Valley project coordinator, wrapped up the tour with a discussion about Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. and its work on the reservation.

For more information:
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Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation
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