Native American Community Academy visits the Tanka Team

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Native American Community Academy visits the Tanka Team
By Jason Stover, story, and Eric Pourier, photos

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What started as an ordinary Wednesday at Tanka HQ got lively in a hurry when an excited group of students from the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, NM, stopped by for a visit.

The 7th- through 9th-graders gathered in our Thunder Valley-eTanka Cafe in Kyle, SD, where they sampled Tanka Bars and Tanka Wild sticks. Stephanie Pourier, project coordinator, told the group about the work that Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. does on our reservation and Eric Pourier, who works on the Tanka marketing team, gave the group an overview and a tour of the operation at Native American Natural Foods.

NACA is a charter school for 6th through 10th graders in the Southeast Heights area of Albuquerque. The visitors are all students in the school's Lakota Language and Culture Class, which is taught by Anpao Duta and Albino Jr. Garcia. Mr. Duta said the class started with the teaching of the Navajo language in 2006. The school incorporated the Lakota language three years ago.

Mr. Duta said this is the first year the class has visited the places where Lakota culture and language is practiced.

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