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Tanka fan has lost 40 lbs on his way to an 80-lb goal

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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Our new friend Andrew B. contacted us recently with his amazing story about how he's using Tanka products in his new healthy lifestyle. Andrew has lost about 40 pounds by following the diet regimen at The online contest focuses on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.

This is what Andrew had to say about the Tanka Bar and its role in his efforts:

"I recently tried your Tanka Bar and am excited! I am of Indian heritage (Menominee tribe) and I also am involved recently with a global health community ( I am in the process of losing 80 pounds in a national contest and I will be using Tanka Bars as part of my nutrition on the go from now on.

"I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product and I will be sharing it with hundreds of my friends in the health community soon. Thanks again.

"I continue to make strides towards my ultimate goal to be in shape and at a healthy weight. So far, I have lost about 40 pounds in the last year. On the go, I am always looking for healthy protein sources that I can take with me.

"I have chosen Tanka Bars as part of my plan because they are nutritious, and don't require refrigeration and I feel connected to the product being of native descent as well. Besides all that, they TASTE AMAZING! I am always about supporting native business, too.

"So thank you very much for this wonderful product and I plan to lose another 40 pounds in 2010 to reach my goal of 80 pounds of fat loss."

Congratulations, Andrew, on your weight loss and we'll be looking forward to hearing more about your great progress. Thank you for letting us know how Tanka Bars are helping you meet your goal!

For more information about the regimen Andrew is following:

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Marles BlackBird on Wed May 12, 2010 1:14:10
keep up the good work Andrew. thumbs up

Guest on Tue May 11, 2010 16:39:42
cool !