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Photo at top: Dave's crew of cage fighters; Photo below, L-R: Dave's wife Angela (Kiowa tribe); undefeated heavyweight cage fighter Virgil Zwicker, aka REZ DOG; and cage girl Jacklyn
Cage Fight Gear and the modern warrior snack, the Tanka Bar
By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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buffaloAs anyone can tell, I have a lot of friends on the Tanka Bar MySpace, and my friend Dave from "Cage Fight Gear" was interested in the Tanka Bar. Based in California and with a Native American background, he thought it would be interesting to find a way to use the Tanka Bar as a snack for himself and his fighters. So I asked Dave if I could use some of his comments and some pictures to share with all the other Tanka Bar fans. Enough for me, this is what my friend Dave had to say:

"I would love to try your product myself, along with my team of fighters. We are always looking for new ways to bring healthy foods into our already strict diet. ...

Absolutely! Any thing to help with your great product!!! I will do my best on my end to put the word out. In fact, I have a friend that owns a Nutrition Zone out here in Cali and I'm going to bring your product to his attention.

Tanka Bars And Bites are a great way to bring high protein into your strict diet without all the fat and preservatives. It's completely natural. Check it out, great taste and convenient.

I used to be a beef jerky eater. You have changed my taste completely, and the fact that it's an all-natural product is even better. Please send a price list of all your products. I will share this with my family and friends, also my team of fighters which I think will be a great supplement in their ferocious eating habits!!!!

Dave from CAGE

For more information: Cage Fight Gear

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