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Having a Tanka Wild Easter!

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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My friend, Brandon Ferguson, a student at Oglala Lakota College, came up with the idea that he wanted to bring the joy of Easter to the children on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Therefore, Brandon, his cousin Sandi May and friend White Dove Clifford donated their time this week to help the Easter bunny distribute goodies.

Brandon and his team rounded up more than 70 sponsors and donors for the event, including Native American Natural Foods. We donated our new Tanka Wild sticks for the Easter bunny to give to the kids. I got to ride along to take pictures and videos of the fun.

We drove to American Horse School in Allen, SD, and visited the kindergarten through eighth grade classes. It was a rush when the makeup was completely on and the Easter bunny was in full spirits. He went room to room and you could hear the kids' excitement. Some of the little kids were scared and some of the older kids talked to him like a friend. We passed out the Tanka Wilds and you could hear kids saying, "Wow, these are great!" and "They taste awesome!"

It was impossible to move around because the Easter bunny was swarmed everywhere we went. People stopped him to have their picture taken with him. It was like riding around with a celebrity. Even the Easter bunny said, "The new Tanka Wilds are awesome!"

Many thanks to American Horse School for inviting the Easter bunny to their Easter Party. Thanks, too, to the teachers and students: Leonore and her kindergarten class: Dan and his first-grade class that he considers his "chipmunks;" Evan and her first-grade class; Lolita and her kindergarten class; Bonnie and her first-grade class; Hattie and her second-grade class; and the remaining grades through eighth.

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Anita on Sun Apr 4, 2010 4:24:4
For en fantastisk idé <3 Happy påske dere alle. Kjærlighet fra Norge