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Top photo: Karl (left) and friend used Tanka Bars to help fuel their recent trip to Greenland
Bottom photo: Dines Makaelsen, who owns the guide service Dines Tours in Greenland

Tanka Bar in East Greenland during sledge tour

By Karl Wilhelm

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One our German fans, Karl Wilhelm, took several Tanka Bars with him on a trip to East Greenland recently with a friend and a well-known Inuit guide named Dines Makaelsen. Karl reports that the trip was "hardcore" as the group endured the cold, slept in tents and went ice-fishing.

Karl said everyone really enjoyed the Tanka Bars. "We all have to admit that the taste is excellent, gives you a good flavour (other than seal over there) and gives you back the power you need," Karl wrote.

Thanks, Karl, for sharing your pictures with us!

For more information: Dine-Tours

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Guest on Thu Apr 1, 2010 8:33:0
When you are in Greenland you don't yoke about sealmeat it's local precious and indeed delicious food. Participate otherwise you remain The big white man