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Longtime vegetarian now fueled by Tanka!

By Peter Stearns, photo

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Longtime vegetarian Geoff Stearns, a child advocacy attorney in Santa Barbara, CA, displays his newfound love for eating bison with his 1980 bio-diesel Mercedes. The car, which runs 100 percent on recycled vegetable oil, sports buffalo-loving license plates to go along with Geoff's now-constant promotion of the benefits of Tanka's buffalo products.

An environmentalist, surfer, and promoter of clean energy, Geoff was a strict vegetarian for more than 27 years until he discovered Tanka's products and was converted because of the social and health benefits of buffalo. Now Geoff -- and all Tanka fans -- are eating healthy meat, helping create new jobs, and increasing the market opportunities for Native ranchers.

Thanks for being such a great friend to Tanka, Geoff!

Full disclosure: Geoff's son, Peter, is a food scientist who works in product development at Native American Natural Foods.

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Harry Bickerstaff on Sat Apr 3, 2010 12:58:33
It's great to see logic being applied to 'the meat' debate instead of raw (geddit?) emotion. Well done Geoff. Just sometimes, it's worth (at least) listening to another point of view and this one works for me.
No buffalo here in Scotland Im afraid.

Nita on Thu Apr 1, 2010 23:12:21
Glad to hear you have found an alternative too veggies alone. My kids love buffalo and have turned me on to it as well. Have you converted Barb as well. If you everget back to my neck of the woods I still have soy saugage in the freezer waiting for you.