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Expo West 2010 goes Tanka!
By Mark K. Tilsen, assistant director of marketing

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We're freshly back from the warm sunny days of California, and our Tanka Bar team is reporting from Natural Products Expo West 2010. For us here at Tanka Bar, this is the most influential trade show we attend each year, and we are coming back victorious! When we went to our first Expo West two years ago, we didn't know the names of the distributors, UNFI and Tree of Life/Kehe respectively, and now we do business with them!

As usual, we were in the American Indian Foods booth, which is sponsored by our allies at the Intertribal Agricultural Council. This booth is part of a trade group designed to highlight Native American food producers and to bring our foodstuffs to market. Being part of this program has allowed us to have a prominent place at Expo West and to get an understanding of the international marketplace by being part of their foreign trade missions.

Something we are especially proud of is that our CEO Karlene Hunter was honored by the natural food industry with the Cliff Adler "Heart In Business" Award. If you knew Karlene, you'd know she squirms whenever you compliment her. There is a simple, profound modesty and humility about her and she only agreed to accept the award on behalf of all our team. It was a beautiful ceremony, short and sweet.

At Expo West, there are many weird and unique products: I saw an aphrodisiac coffee, caffeinated beef jerky, custom-made neti pots, organic beer, and all types of vegetable-based meat substitutes.

This year, we have these beautiful displays called shippers, cardboard racks with photos on the side. I set these up, filled them with our products and, each time I turned around, they were empty! I had to tape down anything we didn't want immediately taken. People are hungry for real food and starving for Tanka Bars!

Each year, we meet new friends and fans and get to see our old ones from the year before. It is bittersweet to come together once each year for these days, and sad to see it when there are businesses that didn't make it through the turmoil of the intervening year.

Expo West was a smashing success, and we got to share our Tanka Joy with many people. See you all in a store near you!

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