Tanka Bar Spotlight Business: <br>Northland Visions, Minneapolis, MN<br>

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Tanka Bar Spotlight Business:
Northland Visions, Minneapolis, MN

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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Since our launch in October 2007, we have been privileged to work with outstanding retail partners. These folks are so passionate about their businesses and their customers, we decided we needed to share their unique stories. Our Tanka Spotlight series runs every other Thursday. If you'd like to be featured or if you'd like to nominate a Tanka retailer for a story, please contact Jason Stover, jasonstover@tankabar.com.

RETAILER: Northland Visions

OWNER: Greg Bellanger

LOCATION: 1113 E. Frankin Ave., Minneapolis, MN.


Tanka Bar: How did your business get started?

Greg: In 1995, my father started a gift package business from out of the house we lived in. My father was part Ojibwe, and in his gift packs, he would have traditional native foods (wild rice) and supported minority-owned businesses. In 1999, remodeling was taking place to the building near their Native Center. We moved Northland Visions out of the house and into the building. Now ,we sell more than gift boxes. We also have a variety of woodland plains and northern plains art.

TB: How did you come to find out about the Tanka Bar?

Greg: I was always on the lookout for new Native American products. There is a local jerky called Buffalo Gal and it is a buffalo and beef mix jerky. My father's sister, my Aunt Pat Bellanger, visited with a cofounder of the Tanka Bar at a health and wellness conference. Before the Tanka Bars were released, they kept me in mind and said this would be perfect for my business. Later that year, I found it at the Denver March Pow Wow.

TB: How do the Tanka Bars sell for you?

Greg: I took them to the Republican National Convention and they did real well. I was selling them by the boxes. In the store, they do well. Also I put them in gift boxes and by the counter.

TB: What type of Tanka Bar do you prefer, the Spicy Pepper Blend or the Traditional/Original?

Greg: I like the original Tanka Bar. I like the spicy, but I feel that the spicy should be hotter and keep the other spicy and market it as mild. I like the Tanka Bar. It is well received and has no preservatives. It is all natural and native-owned. It is a good product, a healthy snack and an energy bar.

For more information: Northland Visions

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