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@ SD Gift Show!

By Mark K. Tilsen

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For the past three days, we debuted some of our latest products to the buyers, movers and shakers of the South Dakota tourism industry. Our local distributor, Dakota's Best, is now selling all of our Tanka products: Tanka Bars, Bites, Wild, and now even the Tanka Dog in a food service pack as well as two different grocery packs! If you're a West River retailer looking for a distributor of Tanka products, give them a ring. Or, as always you can deal with us directly. We leave the preference up to the customers.

I also had the opportunity to visit with the father and son team behind Wild Dutchman Sunflowers Seeds. We visited about seeds, yields, Twitter, Facebook and the problems with packaging. We have a lot of local people who see the Tanka Bar everywhere, but never try it. One of the problems that Wild Dutchman faces is that not many people are brand loyal or even give their brand of seeds much thought. It was an interesting day.

The buyers at the show represent the shops selling wares that are the backbone of the South Dakota tourism trade. Most of them are also selling our Tanka products and for that we are so grateful. I hope you enjoy the pics.

For more information on one of our local distributors, visit: Dakota's Best
To learn more about our booth buddies, check out: Wild Dutchman Seeds

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