Tanka Spotlight:<br>Payless Foods, Freeland, WA<br>

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Tanka Spotlight:
Payless Foods, Freeland, WA

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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Since our launch in October 2007, we have been privileged to work with outstanding retail partners. These folks are so passionate about their businesses and their customers, we decided we needed to share their unique stories. Our Tanka Spotlight series will run every other Thursday here at TankaBar.com. If you'd like to be featured here or if you'd like to nominate a Tanka retailer for a story, please contact Jason Stover at jasonstover@tankabar.com.

RETAILER: Payless Foods

MANAGER: Pam Grey Horse

LOCATION: 1609 E. Main St., Freeland, WA


Tanka Bar: Could you tell me about your business?

Pam Grey Horse: It started as a family business back in 1936. It is the only store that is not a chain store that is on the Island. We are located north of Seattle. We get a lot of tourist business during the summer. We are mainly a community store. It is gorgeous here. We have a lot of outdoors activities, from hiking to kayaking.

TB: How did you come to find out about the Tanka Bar?

PGH: I found out about the Tanka Bar from Rachel. Rachel is a Tanka Bar representative. She told me they were made on the Pine Ridge Reservation. I have been involved and fascinated by this place. I am currently sponsoring a teen-ager, "Two Bulls," and a grandmother. She is a "Wounded Horse." I like to support the Pine Ridge Reservation and the people there. I also helped with a group that travels there and they do home repairs during the summer.

TB: How do the Tanka Bars sell for you?

PGH: Now it is quiet, but in the summer months, when more and more tourists stop by, they sell very well.

TB: What do you think of the Tanka Bar?

PGH: I like the fact that it is made from buffalo. Also, that it is like jerky, but it is not hard and dry like regular jerky. It is moist and chewy.

TB: What type of Tanka Bar do you prefer, the Spicy Pepper Blend or the Traditional?

PGH: I prefer the Tanka Bar original to the hot and spicy Tanka Bar. They both taste good.

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