New friendships at Tanka Bar: A learning experience

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New friendships at Tanka Bar: A learning experience

By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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When I was hired to work for Native American Natural Foods and the Tanka Bar, I knew I was bound to meet new and interesting people. Over the past few months, I was contacted by a teacher/instructor from Mason City, Iowa, named Ted Bieth. He was interested in the Tanka Bar and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where we are located.

He lives in the country outside of town with his wife, Helen, and twin daughters, Annie and Molly, both in college. Helen works for the North Iowa Area Community Action Organization. There, she helps the homeless find places to live and works with people that need help with rent.

Ted asked me one day to ship him one of our banners. That same day, he talked to my brother, Eugene, who also works here at Tanka Bar, when he ordered his first Tanka Bars. I sent the banner and Ted sent me back some wonderful pictures of himself and all of his students. I also told him about our local radio station, KILI, so that he and his classes can keep up to date on what is happening on our reservation and with our cultural events. He also provided some artwork of his own for all of us to see.

Thank you, Ted. You are a good friend. I still visit with Ted through e-mails, and we have some good conversations. It looks as though it has been a learning experience for both of us.

To hear our radio station: KILI Radio

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