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A Hot and Spicy taste of Lakota Nation Invitational
By Mark K. Tilsen, assistant director of marketing

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NOTE: Place cursor over photos to see captions.

This past weekend was busy for us here at Tanka Bar! At the Rapid City (SD) Civic Center, the Lakota Nation Invitational tournament was in full swing and we were on hand sampling out the new Tanka Bar HOT!

LNI is held each year, bringing together the best high school basketball teams. But what started as just a basketball tournament has grown into one of biggest Lakota cultural events of the year. There were hand games, hosted by Tusweca Tiospaye, a community of people devoted to the Lakota language and culture; plays put on by the Sweetgrass Project, a suicide prevention initiative; a pow-wow for young dancers; and a great showcase exhibit of many of our young Lakota artists.

I had the chance to see the members of the St. Francis, S.D., Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps go through one of their drills and they executed it with precision and discipline. Their shoes were polished, black mirrors and they walked with great pride.

We held four tastings of our new Tanka Bar Hot and Spicy at the local Family Thrift stores on Friday and Saturday. It was interesting to see people try the new HOT!

"This is supposed to be Spicy?"

Give it a minute.

"There it is!"

We even got to meet up with our Twitter friend @sbsbea. As is our habit, we got a pic with her over at one of the tastings.

It was a long weekend, but a good one. Let me know what you think of our slide show.

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