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Sanaa Abourezk (@SanaaCooks) in her restaurant in Sioux Falls, SD
Tanka's Mark Sr. stops in Sioux Falls to sample some great food from Twitter friend @SanaaCooks
By Mark K. Tilsen, assistant director of marketing

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buffaloOn the way back from a recent business trip, president and co-founder of Native American Natural Foods Mark A. Tilsen Sr. was in need of a good meal in Sioux Falls, SD. Twitter came to the rescue in the form of @sanaaCooks, a local chef whose gourmet eatery provides amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

Several of our Tanka team members have been Tweeting with Sanaa Abourezk for a long time, and we've often wished we could sample some of her tempting dishes. Her self-titled restaurant, Sanaa's 8th Street Gourmet, is located in the East Market arts hub at 8th and Railroad Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Mark Sr.'s review was simple and to the point: "The food was really good!"

As a parting gift, Sanaa packed up some sweets to share with us back here (L-R in the photo at left): Namoura, Ghiybeh and Baklava. Sadly, the Lady's Finger didn't make it all the way to the photo shoot. (Exactly what happened to those treats, Mark Sr.?)

To follow this artisanal restauranteur on Twitter: @SanaaCooks

Also, be sure to check out her website filled with blogs, menus and directions to her beautiful restaurant: Sanaa Cooks

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