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Tanka MySpace friend Sal Camarillo is a serious Tanka fan
Want Native news in N. California? Tanka friend Sal Camarillo can help
By Jason Stover, social networking specialist intern

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buffaloSal Camarillo, one of our MySpace friends and a moderator for the Northern California Region Native Events and News Yahoo Group, was nice enough to send us this photo with one of his favorite treats, a Tanka Bar.

Sal, who's 68 and who lives in Rialto, CA, is half Hopi and half Mexican. Sal said he has strong family values and he loves his kids and grandkids. An avid sports fan, Sal said he follows the Oakland Raiders and he also enjoys high school and college football.

As moderator of his Yahoo Group, Sal posts Native news and events for the Northern California Region. The site features a host of happenings in the area, including meetings, art openings, exhibitions, gatherings, speakers, poetry readings, pow wows, concerts, fundraisers, and job openings.

While his favorite Tanka Bar is the Hot and Spicy, Sal said he has had buffalo steak and buffalo burger and he can't wait to try our new buffalo hot dog, the Tanka Dog.

For more about Sal or to check out the Northern California Region Native Events and News Yahoo Group:
Sal's Facebook page
Sal's MySpace page
Yahoo Group ncanativeeventsandnews

If you're interested in joining Sal's Yahoo Group, email him at

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