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"Great snack on the trail or at work"

By Nathaniel Red Owl, Customer Service

Top Customer Comments for May

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05.01.16 You. By Eric from La Habra

Love it.

05.07.16 Wonderful Tanka Bars By Anne from CANOGA PARK

Thank you for your contribution to our healthy habits by creating all natural and wholesome snacks that taste awesome! Please make Tank Bars accessible to every Americans living in Turtle Island.

05.11.16 THANK YOU By stephen from Vernal

Great product! Tasty and fresh! Heathly and satisfying! We will see how the free shipping works out as far as time and accuracy- hopefully OK I would really like to see you all raise some elk out there or outsource to a nearby elk ranch and offer elk only and elk? buffalo combos. Thank you for recoving from the gold mine and wounded knee loss.sorry! we can only work and hope such corruption & fraud is outgrown permanetly by all races and belief systems.

05.15.16 No Subject By Alissa from Los Angles

Love all the bars. They are quickly becoming a staple in our home and on the trail.

05.18.16 No Subject By Faith from Magnolia

Wonderful bars.

05.22.16 tonka bar By Dennis from Ionia

Great snack on the trail or at work.

05.23.16 Awesome! By Megan from Santa Cruz

I discovered this jerky in my local natural foods store and I love it! I volunteer in a National Park and often spend the whole day in the field. This is an excellent field snack option that keeps me going all day. AND I love being able to support this company and its mission.

05.23.16 Tanka is a great product. By Gabriella from Highland

I am very picky with what meat I eat. Only eat the meat I raise and kill and know that the animal had a good life. The only other meat besides the one I raise is Tanka. I really love that their mission statements reads "Respect for all living things". People now a days have no idea where their meat comes from and do not make sure the animal had a good life. It makes all the difference for me.

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To see all customer reviews: Your Reviews

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