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OLC graduates Xavier W. Buckley and his wife Vivian Fast Horse
with some of their children. Photos by Jenice Johnson.

Oglala Lakota College students gear up for graduation

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Several students, families and faculty gathered this week at Oglala Lakota College for Graduate Day.

Graduates get together to take group photos, receive their invitations and get more information about their graduation day. Xavier W. Buckley (pictured above) is graduating from the automotive department. His wife Vivian Fast Horse graduated last year and two of their children go to OLC's Lakota First Immersion School (Lakota Woglake Wounspe).

OLC graduation is June 23, 2013 on the Piya Wiconi Powwow Grounds at the college. Below are a few more students graduating this year.

Sydney Ferguson, AA in Office Technology

Randy Lays Bad, Lakota Studies

OLC's mission:

"Oglala Lakota College is chartered by the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities that enhance Lakota life. These opportunities include community services, certificates, GED, associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees. Oglala Lakota College provides a framework of excellence for student knowledge, skills, and values towards piya wiconi - a new beginning for harmony in fulfillment of aspirations and dreams. Oglala Lakota College is committed to continuous improvement and is creating Oglala Lakota University through outstanding teaching, research, community service, and assessment."

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