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"Thank you for enriching my life with this healthy,
delicious, sustainable food"

By Jason Stover Marketing Specialist

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Tanka's Top Customer Comments for January

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01.03.17 Tanka products By Randi from Great Barrington

Thank you for enriching my life with this healthy, delicious, sustainable food

01.03.17 Another big order By John from North Palm Beach

What can I say. You are the best !!

01.10.17 Great snacks for skiing! By Tracy from cambridge

The whole family takes Tanka Bars when we go skiing. I like Original, husband likes Spicy, Dad likes Orange Peel. The perfect snack for refueling!

01.11.17 Tanka Bars are the best! By Kau'i from Aiea

Tanka Bars have sustained me through the White Mountains, Green Mountains, North Island New Zealand, rural Minnesota, and the mountains of Oahu. Looking forward to more adventures with Tanka Bars. Also, love to support fellow Native folks!

01.15.17 TANKA YOU! By Carla from Boca Raton

Blessed New Year! I was straightening out my things and came across a wrapper I'd saved from a Tanka bar! I instantly remembered how delicious and convenient this foodstuff was and the Native American origins of the product. So to start the new year I searched and found the website to make an order directly from the site. I am frustrated that in all of the "true American" talk politicos toss around, NEVER does anyone remember the indigenous peoples of this land. We have had our "black" president, now we need a True Native American president!! Peace and blessings!

01.24.17 No Subject By Daniel from Hayward

In a time of encroaching gas and oil industry developments I feel it necessary to support your company. Your products are tasty and hope to see it thrive long into the future.

01.25.17 Great gifts! By Allison from Mission

I always include tanka bars in my gifts to friends, family and co-workers!

:) Allison

01.30.17 Apple Orange Peel Bars - the best By Mike from Austin

These apple orange peel bars have almost become my primary meat source! Eat straight but I get creative too, like on whole wheat toast with mustard and mild jalapeno slices (folded over like a hotdog). I recently tried that other brand (Epic) that gets all the shelf space at the stores around here, and it was terrible - like bland super ground-up mush. Tanka gets it right., especially with this bar for me. And you can't beat the 48-pack on-line price.

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