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Tanka team members make lasting impression
at Natural Products Expo

By the Tanka Team

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The Tanka team was in full force recently, exhibiting our Tanka products at Natural Products Expo East 2016 in Baltimore, MD. The above awesome video is by Waylon Pahona -- a motivational speaker, athlete and founder of Healthy Active Natives and gives you a glimpse of working the show.

It doesn't matter the event or the show, our Tanka team delivers not only knowledge about our products but also friendliness and humor. We have a brand new, amazing booth that we ship around the country for these shows. Case in point -- the running joke is when we ship buffalo, we open with caution. See below.

Since last weekend's expo, we have received numerous shout outs on social media from the people we met and got to know better at the show. Some of who came to our booth to thank us for our efforts and keeping to our mission.

Glenda Yoder from Farm Aid stopped by our booth at Natural Products Expo East 2016 in Baltimore, MD, to say hello and thank Tanka for always supporting Farm Aid. She and Mark, Tanka president, tried their hand at wrangling our booth bison.

Thanks to all of you for the continued support!

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