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YAHOO! Sports online magazine 'STACK' raves about
Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing and communications

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Bookmark and Share, in association with YAHOO! Sports, recently posted a review about our Tanka Onnit Warrior Bars on their website -- hailing the product as, "...not your average protein bar."

Written by Brandon Hall, the review was quite favorable and stated that the nutrition facts of the Warrior Bar "make it an overall attractive option for athletes looking to take in a good amount of protein without a ton of calories or carbs."

Mr. Hall also polled the STACK staff and got the following response.

"Most of the STACK team said they'd gladly eat the Warrior Bar again. 'I'm not really a beef jerky person, but I found the bar to be tasty,' one editor said.

"I loved them. I could eat a whole box," enthused another staffer.

Summary Judgment: The Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar is a great alternative for anyone seeking a different kind of protein bar. Its ingredient list is short and recognizable. It's low in carbs yet high in protein, and its taste is a welcome departure from the norm."

To read more, visit: A Buffalo Meat Protein Bar? STACK Reviews the Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

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