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We stand with Standing Rock
By Mark A. Tilsen, Sr., President, Native American Natural Foods

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We are proud to be able to share our Tanka Bars with true water warriors. I just got back from delivering another 5,700 Tanka Bars to the Standing Rock water protectors. Spending four days at the camp, you realize that we are at a historic moment!

Over 50 Native American and Indigenous nations have gathered along the Missouri River to stop a pipeline that is not only threatening to the community of Standing Rock, but literally millions of people downstream. Water is the source of life for most communities in South Dakota - they depend on Missouri water. There is no doubt that this oil pipeline is a threat to all of us.

Tanka president Mark Tilsen with Madonna Thunder Hawk last week. She is a Wounded Knee veteran, activist and founder of the Lakota People's Law Project and Women of All Red Nations.

The unity and deep commitment to peaceful, nonviolent protest and the respectful way in which people of many nations - native and non-native - are living together to form a solid resistance is a very moving and powerful statement from which I think we can all learn. While some have expressed a willingness to die to protect their communities, Tribal President Dave Archambault asked in a speech to the entire camp that the young people make a commitment to live! Fight and work for Native communities by being great fathers, mothers and grandmothers. He recognized that this fight is part of a long history to stop exploitation of the Standing Rock community and a new movement toward building a healthy, sustainable future. He expressed his love and appreciation for to every tribal member and supporter there.

President Archambault's open expressions of love of his people was refreshing to hear from a politician and is in sharp contradiction to the governor and state government of North Dakota, which is completely controlled by the oil industry. The state pulled out all water and safety services without notice to the more than 2,000 people at the camp on a day when temperatures were hitting 100 degrees, and is preparing to remove the water protectors when given the first excuse!

The next 72 hours will be critical. Please read the following New York Times article and share it with your friends. Contact the White House, the Army Corps of Engineers and give donations of money, water, food or your talents to help.

Occupying the Prairie: Tensions Rise as Tribes Move to Block a Pipeline

Join us in saying it's no longer OK to keep oppressing and threatening the Indian communities that we have and let us all stand together and support those who are leading the transition from a petroleum-dependent economy that is threatening our planet to a new economy that can provide true sustainability and full employment.

Photo of the full moon over Standing Rock last week from our president, Mark Tilsen.

If you would like to help

Other progressive natural foods companies who would like to join Native American Natural Foods, and over 80 tribes, organizations and other food companies from across the country help feed the over 2,000 water warriors at Standing Rock, send your full pallets to:

Water Defenders of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe
Blg # 1 North standing Rock Ave
Fort Yates, ND 58538

If you are sending perishables or frozen products, please notify Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Executive Secretary Johnelle Leingang at 701-854-8524 or

They have a major need for fresh fruits and vegetables but prepackaged healthy foods will be great as well.

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