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Tanka jerky
Margie from South Bend

I used to buy this product all the time at a local health food store, but they don't carry it anymore unfortunately. At my job, no time for lunch, so these bars were perfect. I look forward to having them again (more...)

Original tanka bar
anita from nampa

Grandchildren love them! (more...)

Jo Ann M.


mmmm good
MaKai from Rio Linda

I love the bars and the bites. They keep well and when I'm out in the middle of nowhere they sure hit the spot (more...)

Tanka Bars
P E from Wyoming

My American Indian students K - 12+ at the beginning of each Fall school year start asking me when do they get to eat the Tanka Bars. The answer is always the same "in May when we play Lacrosse". Many of them saving the wrappings so they can remember where to order them from (more...)

No Subject
Guest from Portland

These bars are terrific!!! If you are on Weight Watchers they are only 2SP!!
The website is a little confusing as I had a challenge to get my name in the correct lines instead of Guest as a first and last name (more...)

Love the bars
Rainer from Burkittsville

I love the bars - there is one in my lunch box, every day (provided I don't run out of them) (more...)

Tanka meat products
Page from Golden

We've been enjoying your protein products for several years. Thank you for NOT processing with MSG and other additives, and for promoting humane lives and deaths for the animals that give their lives for us (more...)

Best Lunch Ever
Kimberly from Red Oak

I have been eating a Tanka Bar for lunch for the past 5 years. There are so convenient to keep on hand and filling (more...)

no problems
Dylan from Rapid City

No message (more...)

2nd order
Kimberly from Rapid City

This is my 2nd personal order of the Tanka Bars. I absolutely love them, and appreciate this natural, low calorie food! I plan on taking a box back to Illinois when I visit my family. Keep up the good work! (more...)

Found Your Site
Joseph from Indialantic

Looking forward to my first shipment of the Tanka Bites after seeing the documentary on YouTube! (more...)

Purchasing for a Gift
Natalie from Ankeny

Tanka Bars always make great gifts. I am purchasing for a friend with diabetes. Next will order for my family. Everyone always appreciates them very much! (more...)

Delicious Tanka snacks
Abigail from BLOOMFIELD

I am following a Paleo diet and reversing an autoimmune disease. When I travel, it's very difficult to find food I can eat. I carry Tanka snacks and problem solved. Thank you! (more...)

High Quality and Taste
Donelle from Folsom

Such high quality and taste that my boyfriend saved the box so he would not forget how to order, because he loved them so much (more...)

Spicy Pepper Buffalo Tanka Bar
Dianne from Summerland Key

My very close friend introduced these to me this last weekend while visiting us in the Keys and staying in our home. I had expressed an interest in high quality, high protein food. I have also been searching for a convenient, portable, but healthy high protein meal substitute I can take to work with me (more...)

Absolutely delicious

I tried Tanka bites at our local Natural Grocers - delicious and a great high protein snack for my whole family. The kids love Tanka bites in their school lunches, and they are great for hiking and traveling too (more...)

repeat order
Sue from Darby

You are THE BEST!!! (more...)

Buy 'em by the case
Jeff from Estelline

My wife and family enjoy these so much we need to order them by the case now. Great item for car trips or a healthy snack option in-between meals.

We don't leave home without them! (more...)

Excellent product.
Maurice from Medina

Really the best style of dried meat anyone could ask for.
Thank you! (more...)