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Tanka Bars
Randal from Eastsound

I am feeling more at Home with these healthy snacks for my outdoor adventures. PLUS I am supporting a worthy cause (more...)

Tanka bars
Jose from El Paso

Tanka bars are the best! (more...)

best stuff on the planet...
Jeffrey from Ventura

Nutritient as hell (more...)

Tanka Bars
Gary from Sioux Falls

Tasy, Nutricious, better than those so-called energy bars which are loaded with sugar (more...)

Taking Tanka to William & Mary College of Law
Gregory from Clarksville

I will be speaking to law students at the College of William & Mary, America's oldest law school, about Native American Tribal Supreme Courts on April 1, 2019. I'm taking your fine product to give to the students as an example of Native American commerce that is successful today (more...)

Kayla from Bend

I love Tanka bars! As a former vegetarian, I now eat meat but seek out sources that treat animals humanely, and as far as I can tell in my research, Tanka fits that description. Their bars feel like such a good and healthy snack choice - in every sense of the word (more...)

Buying Online
Paul from Los Angeles

I had a hard time buying your products. Paypal was shown as an option, but was not available at checkout. I had to try really hard to buy. I prefer to buy using Paypal (more...)

Love your products!
Sally from Renton

No message (more...)

Love you guys
Amanda from Sterling

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your Tanka Bars! You should totally do some kind of a rewards program...for your frequent buyers! (more...)

Dennis R.

11111 (more...)

energy bars
Victor from Danielsville

Finally! Buffalo bits for trail food (more...)

no comment
Anecita from San Jose

no comment (more...)

TANKA BARS (original flavor)
Elizabeth from Roundup

I love these Bison bars, & gladly share with friends (more...)

Love these bars!!!
Robin from Glendale

Glad you're there :) (more...)

Tanka bites
Mary from Pittsburgh

Product is awesome! Very filling and tasty! (more...)

A repeat order!
Susan from Grants Pass

Tanka bars are so good and perfect for my business travel. I've introduced these to others and they are liked by all (more...)

Love Tanka products
Shirley from denver

I simply love the hot pepper buffalo stick, yummy snack! (more...)

tanka bars
glenn m.

Just made another order. Can't get enough! (more...)

Payment pages
Neal from Vaughn

PayPal listed, but no way to use it.

OBTW, Bites and bars are tasty (more...)

No Subject
Jean from Tucson

My friend and I just tasted one of the bars this morning and fell in love with them! I have been looking for a product with buffalo, because my body seems to digest it well. It also meets our needs for being gluten and dairy free (more...)