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Love you all
Elizabeth from Shelton

Thank you for all you do. I will continue to support you, as I have since you started. You are the originals! No one can take the truth away! Happy you do this work (more...)

Tanka bites
CW from Saint Petersburg

I Love ordering Tanka bites because it's good clean energy. Minimally processed and lightly seasoned, the real taste of the food shines through. Food, the way that the Creator intended. Thanks Native American Natural Foods! (more...)

bought on vision... looking forward to gifting and trying!
Michael from Deer Creek

I am inspired by your product and what you're doing with this company. I bought alone for this... thank you. I look forward to sharing as a gift for my father (more...)

coupon entry
Karl from arlington

The coupon entry "UNDERTHERADAR" does not work (more...)

Karl from arlington

first site page offers Paypal, payment page does not (more...)

Tanka Bars
John from Cincinnati

Excellent product. I enjoy them myself but I also have my students sample them during our Historic Native Americans unit in 4th Grade. They love them! (more...)

Tanka Bars AWESOME
Michael from Pickerington

I have been making trips the the Chanku Waste Ranch at Porcupine SD for the last 6 years where i first tried the Tanka Bars. I am hooked I have tried other products when I run out but nothing else compares (more...)

Trying it out
Ronald from National City

look forward to receiving it (more...)

Yummy bars
Wendy from Scarborough

I used to be a fan of Epic bar fans, but then I found out that Tanka uses the original Indigenous recipe and was founded by Indigenous persons. When I tried the Tanka bar, the taste was awesome and it gave me the clean energy I was looking for (more...)

No Subject
Kate from Ada

I've known of y'all for a few years now but have yet to purchase your product. Dallas Goldtooth shared Miss Karlene's post on Facebook that Whole Foods was dropping the Tanka line so I thought I'd bring my dollars to y'all (more...)

Pamela from Skiatook

I couldn't get my order to process through PayPal. Just letting you know. I went with a different process. Looking forward to getting my order.
Thank you (more...)

Michael from Philadelphia

A variety of delicious products and something the consumer can really support. Tanka very much! (more...)

Love what you are doing!
Celia from Boulder

Thank you for bringing back the buffalo and for healing the land! (more...)

repeat order
glenn from Ashland

Just received my last order, and just now put in another order. Keep up the good work (more...)

Huge hit with my family
Jennifer from Lafayette

My family loved the taste of the original smoked Tanka bars. My seven year old kept asking when I would buy more (more...)

Cheryl from Mountt Shasta

love your product. Christmas shopping is done thanks to your delicious bars (more...)

Original Bars
Bill from Marine

Let me know when your original bars are back in stock, thanks!
Bill (more...)

Janey D.

great (more...)

Great Work and Specials
Susan from LAWAI

I read about your company in a piece from Mother Jones. I like what you are doing and want to support your efforts, so I made a purchase online.

It would be nice if your specials were available to those of us living in the outer United States (more...)


Heard about while reading article in High Country News on Buffalo meat products (more...)