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Spicy & Sticks are favorites
Patricia from Lancaster

I am going to all my local grocery stores and co-ops asking them to please carry Tanks Bars
Wegmans/Tops/ are two very large stores with multiple stores in the area.
East Aurora Co-op is carring the bars right now
I wish you all much success with this Great Food
Thank you (more...)

Love it!
Katie from Minneapolis

So excited to share this product with my family on the east coast. Thank you for our work! (more...)

No Subject
Susan from Cheyenne

Love your product! (more...)

Terrific healthy snacks!
Guest from Murfreesboro

Delicious, low fat, low carb, high flavor, nutritious snacks! (more...)

No Subject
Kathy-Jo from Salem

We saw a story about you on You Tube. This is why we are here (more...)

Frank from Leavenworth

Love your stuff! (more...)

Tanka Sticks for Busy Moms
Page from Golden

I ordered a case of Tanka Sticks (not spicy) for my daughter and her 2-year-old loves them. They make the perfect snack for a mother on the go. Nutritious and convenient (more...)

LOVE Tanka!
Sue from Darby

I've been buying your bars for years. Love for skiing; easily portable, good, and good for you (more...)

Bars & Bites
James from Minot

Love them both. Sorry Bites already sold out (more...)

Patricia from Lancaster

First time I had one I couldn't believe how incredible they taste! Should be sold everywhere!
BEST BARS EVER! (more...)

rosella from riverton

like to see more gift baskets, and jerky strips pages not
sticks (more...)

Great Gift

Thanks again (more...)

Excited to try
Sarah from Deerfield

I've been looking for just the right gifts and I'm so excited to have found this company. I'm excited to try the products! (more...)

Learned of Tanka by Searching for Pemmican
Pamela from Easthampton

While buying Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews, I starting doing so based on the theme of their cultures/nations of their ancestors.
When looking for foods from Quebec, I recalled pemmican - - something I read about when reading about the fur trade, in which some ancestors appear to have been involved (more...)

Tanka Products
Jack from Elmwood

While you can get other Buffalo products from other manufacturers, There is only one Tanka located on the Pine Ridge. This product has the soul of the Lakota and helps a people that the US has made a third world community in their country (more...)

No Subject
Hope W.

Gratitude to the Bison and the People making this a healthy and very tasty bar for any adventure- at home or on the go (more...)

Best snack on the go!
Sherry from Liberty Lake

Tankas are my favorite snack to carry in my purse! So yummy and convenient and healthy (more...)

Tanka Bars
Geri from DeForest

Best meat bars ever (more...)

Tanka Bars
Debra from Warner

These are great! Best Seller at Museum Store (more...)

Placing An Order
Ray from San Francisco

Placing an order is easy with Tanka. I have all deliveries made to my place of work, and designating separate Billing/Shipping Addresses was simple; and my order was processed immediately on line (more...)