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No Subject
Cassie from Dubuque

Yum! Protein snack that you feel good about (more...)

LYNDA from aptos

good website (more...)

Tanka Bars
Cathy from Indianapolis

I didn't think I would like buffalo but I LOVE these bars. When we got home my whole family liked them. You now have a customer for life:) (more...)

Tanka Products
Bari from Santa Clara

I love your products! My kid loves your products too! (more...)

Natural Bison is best
Chris from Greer

I have been a Tanka bar fan for years! A great natural and healthy food from the original American meat. Delicious! (more...)

No Subject

Good ordering process (more...)

Elizabeth from boca raton

great taste good clean protein
great company (more...)

Good food, good cause
Karl from Ham Lake

We love these bars, and the fact that they support traditional lands and people (more...)

Awesome products!
Janet from Cumming

Best paleo snack on the market. Love the original. I have one everyday (more...)

Amazing Product!
Erin from Brattleboro

None of the other meat bars on the shelves even come CLOSE to the quality and integrity of Tanka - I love the spirit of this company and supporting people I love and trust! (more...)

Best Buffalo Bars!
Rosie from St. Albans

Tanka bars are the best snack to get a healthy amount of protein to stop the "hunger pains." Tasty and delicious! (more...)

Martin from Bay Village

Your website needs some work.!! (more...)

Tanja bites
Melonie from Orangeburg

Love these things! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a different sort of snack (more...)

GOD bless and thank you
Sally from Bridgeport

Jesus loves you and keep up the good work (more...)

tanka bars - great!
Mike from Austin

As a light eater, these bars have become my primary meat! And great on-line deal for the 48 counts. All 3 flavors, but I tend to favor the apple orange peel. Creative suggestions here - have it on whole wheat toast (Mrs Baird 100%WW) and add yellow mustard and a few jalapeno slices, fold over and eat that way (more...)

Best Bars Ever!
Kyle from Minneapolis

No message (more...)

pro drivers delight
John from Las Vegas

my wife has driven for a living in las vegas for years and these are an excellent way to curb any hunger. she can just pop one or two bites in between rides and off she goes (more...)

Ordering and product
Donald from Houston

Its been a while since I bought any Tatanka, but I highly recomtanks Tanka as I have enjoyed multiple orders and items purchased previously (more...)

Love Tanka!
Robin from Peoria

I always carry Tanka products in my running pouch and it gives me the boost of protein and energy that I need on long runs. I can't wait to try the new trail products (more...)

Amazing product, for all the right reasons!
Eva from San Francisco

I was so pleased when I stumbled upon these more wholesome versions of jerky, in an organic grocery store in the middle of Billings, Montana. It is an amazing product, for all the right reasons! I appreciate the quality of the food, of course, but more important is the overall mission of the company (more...)