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Tanka Bar Original
Suzanne G.

I have had bars when I visited Pine Ridge Rez. They were delicious (more...)

This a wonderful product. These folks deserve our support!
Kathy-Jo from Salem

No message (more...)

Always the best.
Martha from San Francisco

No message (more...)

Tanka Bites Apple Orange Peel
Pamela from Hillsboro

These are some of the best foods on the planet! They truly do feed my body, mind, and especially my spirit. Thank you! (more...)

No Subject
Cheryl from Huntington Beach

Can't wait to try new flavors, Jalapeno and Coffee Hatch Chile (more...)

No Subject
Cheryl from Huntington Beach

Can't wait to try new flavors, Jalapeno and Coffee Hatch Chile (more...)

steve from eugene

I ordered a small sample size to try your product. For a larger quantity (12 bar size), it seems wrong that Amazon is cheaper than your company site. If I like it, I would rather buy direct (more...)

Free shipping
David from Fort Lauderdale

How can I order and receive free shipping? (more...)

Barbara from Carmel

These are delicious high protein boosts that come in a re-sealable (bites) bag to nibble on throughout the day as energy levels drop. A big plus is that they help the Native peoples! Love them (more...)

Great Product
Robin from Glendale

Used to buy these at Whole Foods until it was taken over by Bezos the evil Clown who stopped selling them (more...)

tanka bites
debra from Des Moines

This is the best jerky I have ever had! (more...)

Going try buffalo/cranberry snacks!
KAREN from Portland

No message (more...)

Buffalo Bites wit Cranberries
Helaine from Reno

I tried these at REI and they are super duper yummie!!!! good job!!! (more...)

No Subject
Jennifer from Rochester

Love the Tanka Bars! Will be including in our wedding welcome bags for our guests at a Black Hills wedding this summer! (more...)

Great bars, as always!
Mike from Austin

Great bars, and great on-line service! You can't beat the freshness and free shipping (48 count bars). Hint, they heat nicely in the microwave too. Here's tip. Use the long glass lid of a butter try. It's the perfect carrier for the bar (more...)

Best Bar Ever
John from Binghamton

Tanka bars are the best...great flavor, substantive and filling (more...)

Nutritional Information

I didn't readily see the nutrition information for your products.
Never mind. I see it below.
It didn't matter about the nutrition info cause it tastes great. I was in the REI on Saturday about lunchtime and I was getting hungry (more...)

Great Product!!!!
Robin from Glendale

I really enjoy these bars. Best jerky on the market :) (more...)

the buffalo and all
Kevin from Erving

Sweet, thanks (more...)

Barbara from Carmel

Very tasty, high protein, earth friendly and humane animal treatment snack. Thank you for your product! (more...)