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Tanka Bites
Mary from Portland

This product is excellent for wilderness expeditions is always a welcome treat. We are glad to support Native American Natural Foods for their efforts in returning the buffalo to us. Their website is interesting and easy to use (more...)

No Subject
Richard E.

I need to check on shipping speed and how the product tastes before reviewing (more...)

Maybe So
stephen from Bishop

No doubt the product and service are excellent! Now i will try the bite size resealable pouches option which just may be the ticket for a day of play in the wild (more...)

Taking care of my family
Grant from Lincoln

power food for raising a powerful 6 month old Lakota girl! (more...)

Treats for Jim & Edie
Edith from Melbourne

Enjoy these treats! (more...)

No Subject
shannon from Fairfax

Thank you!
I really appreciate your specials
It made it possible for me to afford this food (more...)

These are the best!
Stephanie from San Francisco

Just cleaned my local store out of the last 3 and remembered and I can order from the source! Can't wait and thank you for such great food! (more...)

No Subject
Angel from Huron

Love Tanka it's the best Jerky/bars/bites out there great quality!! Will continue to buy and support them (more...)

Fuel for Road Warriors
Simeon from Denver

I'm on three planes a week and drive 3,000 miles a week. It is very hard to maintain any kind of nutrition. These are perfect for me. I even keep them as my emergency snacks when I'm home. They protect me from late-night junk food cravings (more...)

In Love
Nikolaus from Whittier

Thank you for your beautiful Planetary Service. I love your Tanka Sticks!!! (more...)

Tanka jerky
Margie from South Bend

I used to buy this product all the time at a local health food store, but they don't carry it anymore unfortunately. At my job, no time for lunch, so these bars were perfect. I look forward to having them again (more...)

Original tanka bar
anita from nampa

Grandchildren love them! (more...)

Jo Ann M.


mmmm good
MaKai from Rio Linda

I love the bars and the bites. They keep well and when I'm out in the middle of nowhere they sure hit the spot (more...)

Tanka Bars
P E from Wyoming

My American Indian students K - 12+ at the beginning of each Fall school year start asking me when do they get to eat the Tanka Bars. The answer is always the same "in May when we play Lacrosse". Many of them saving the wrappings so they can remember where to order them from (more...)

No Subject
Guest from Portland

These bars are terrific!!! If you are on Weight Watchers they are only 2SP!!
The website is a little confusing as I had a challenge to get my name in the correct lines instead of Guest as a first and last name (more...)

Love the bars
Rainer from Burkittsville

I love the bars - there is one in my lunch box, every day (provided I don't run out of them) (more...)

Tanka meat products
Page from Golden

We've been enjoying your protein products for several years. Thank you for NOT processing with MSG and other additives, and for promoting humane lives and deaths for the animals that give their lives for us (more...)

Best Lunch Ever
Kimberly from Red Oak

I have been eating a Tanka Bar for lunch for the past 5 years. There are so convenient to keep on hand and filling (more...)

no problems
Dylan from Rapid City

No message (more...)