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No Subject
Hope W.

Gratitude to the Bison and the People making this a healthy and very tasty bar for any adventure- at home or on the go (more...)

Best snack on the go!
Sherry from Liberty Lake

Tankas are my favorite snack to carry in my purse! So yummy and convenient and healthy (more...)

Tanka Bars
Geri from DeForest

Best meat bars ever (more...)

Tanka Bars
Debra from Warner

These are great! Best Seller at Museum Store (more...)

Placing An Order
Ray from San Francisco

Placing an order is easy with Tanka. I have all deliveries made to my place of work, and designating separate Billing/Shipping Addresses was simple; and my order was processed immediately on line (more...)

No Subject
Randy from Overland Park

I am a new investor from WeFund (more...)

Louise from Oakland

my favorite food. Am sending to the two guys who saved a peaceful piece of land from the CA fires and hoping to support you too (more...)

tanka buffalo spicy pepper bars
Margaret from Boulder

These bars are terrific. I always have them on hand, in the car, in my purse, while traveling. I have hypoglycemia and these delicious bars are my favorite low calorie snack for an immediate pick me up (more...)

Discovery in the Badlands
Susan from Brandenburg

I first encountered Tanka Bars at the gift shop at Mt. Rushmore. That they are lightly processed and that buffalo may not contain additives was intriguing. I purchased a couple of bars thinking I would try one and bring some home as gifts of my trip to family (more...)

Great product, great cause
Karl from Ham Lake

We love these bars and the people and land they support (more...)

tanka bars are the one!
Margo from N Vancouver

We are looking forward to these products coming to Canada (more...)

Carrol from Dodge City

Great site. Loved the video (more...)

No Subject
Cassie from Dubuque

Yum! Protein snack that you feel good about (more...)

LYNDA from aptos

good website (more...)

Tanka Bars
Cathy from Indianapolis

I didn't think I would like buffalo but I LOVE these bars. When we got home my whole family liked them. You now have a customer for life:) (more...)

Tanka Products
Bari from Santa Clara

I love your products! My kid loves your products too! (more...)

Natural Bison is best
Chris from Greer

I have been a Tanka bar fan for years! A great natural and healthy food from the original American meat. Delicious! (more...)

No Subject

Good ordering process (more...)

Elizabeth from boca raton

great taste good clean protein
great company (more...)

Good food, good cause
Karl from Ham Lake

We love these bars, and the fact that they support traditional lands and people (more...)