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Apple Orange Peel
Guest from Buckhannon

Absolutely amazing! Love, love, love it! (more...)

Wonderful products!
Lisa M. from Town & Country

These are perfect for hikes, camping, to keep in the drawer at the office,.....My family loves all the TANKA products! (more...)

Wopila tanka
Don from Talent

Thank you for this healthy product and how you represent it (more...)

Crazy for Tanka!
Lisa from Waterford

My family loves the sticks! They are better than other quick protein options and love that TANKA supports natural living! (more...)

bruce from ogema

Always excellent quality and taste.
Our family enjoys Tanka products and they make
excellent gifts, too (more...)

Love Tanka Fund bars!
Teresa from Longmont

Tasty, low sugar and supports bringing back the buffalo! (more...)

No Subject
Eli from Minneapolis

thank you (more...)

Guest from Owasso

We really like these! I used to buy them at the store, but they stopped carrying them. I'm glad I found them online! (more...)

shannon from Petaluma

thank you for sharing this food-gift (more...)

Buy from this company!
Kathy-Jo from Salem

A delightful company to support. A delicious food that is great for the kids--as well as adults! (more...)

The best for special diets
Martha from San Francisco

Makes travel and packed lunches so much easier with a special diet. Thank you (more...)

Tanka bars ROCK!
Lisa from Waterford

These are so yummy and packed with the protein I'm looking for. I use these when I travel internationally . . .because who wants to eat airline food? Thanks for what you do! (more...)

Great & Healthy!
Samantha from EUREKA

I love Tanka bars, bites and jerky! These products are my go to snack and I love knowing that it is an Indigenous company! (more...)

An Amazing Product
Zachary from Toms River

I learned of this company through my Native American History class at my college a few years ago. I finally decided to by a few bars in the past, that day I saw them, and fell in love with the food. Everything they offer is amazing worth the price is as fresh as can be, and helps out a great cause (more...)

Great Bars, Ethical meat and Company!
Mike from Austin

Love the bars. Been a regular online buyer for awhile now. You can't beat the 48-pack with free shipping. And very fresh on-line. Hint, they warm up nicely in the microwave too! Like 60+ seconds at 20% power, or less at 30% power (more...)

Spicy Bars
Rose from Lehi

These bars are perfect for travel! My husband is on a reduced sodium diet and likes spicy flavors. These are low in sodium and high on flavor! Awesome products! (more...)

These bars are now a healthy addiction!
Susan from Grants Pass

Love these bars! They're easy to carry on business trips and very welcome for a quick lunch or snack. I now never leave home without a few in my purse or suitcase (more...)

Tanka Bar Review
JEROME from Springfield

The Tanka bar is a perfect example of how natural food should should made. Great job! (more...)

Original Tanka bars
Virginia from Muskegon

I like eating buffalo, and I like to buy Tanka bars because they are delicious and are made by a Lakota company in my home state of South Dakota (more...)

Great Nutritional Value
Lauren from Austin

We manage diabetes in our home, and are so glad Tanka is available. The taste is great, nutritional value high, and it's easy to take on the go (more...)