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pro drivers delight
John from Las Vegas

my wife has driven for a living in las vegas for years and these are an excellent way to curb any hunger. she can just pop one or two bites in between rides and off she goes (more...)

Ordering and product
Donald from Houston

Its been a while since I bought any Tatanka, but I highly recomtanks Tanka as I have enjoyed multiple orders and items purchased previously (more...)

Love Tanka!
Robin from Peoria

I always carry Tanka products in my running pouch and it gives me the boost of protein and energy that I need on long runs. I can't wait to try the new trail products (more...)

Amazing product, for all the right reasons!
Eva from San Francisco

I was so pleased when I stumbled upon these more wholesome versions of jerky, in an organic grocery store in the middle of Billings, Montana. It is an amazing product, for all the right reasons! I appreciate the quality of the food, of course, but more important is the overall mission of the company (more...)

No Subject
larry from Milton

So much better than beef jerky! (more...)

great snack!
Greer from Asheville

I've tried Tanka sticks in the original and apple/ orange peel flavors. Both are excellent! Great flavor and they are not too dry like many other meat snacks. I keep one or two in my bag all the time! (more...)

Tanka Bites
Pamela from Hillsboro

I love the flavor, the texture, the energy boost and the spirit-food these give me. A gift from nature every time I enjoy them! (more...)

Debra from Rowland

This is my first time purchasing from TANKA and I am looking forward to it! (more...)

Awesome work..
Phillip from Saluda

I just discovered this, my grandmother was Lakota, an I will support you as much as I possibly can (more...)

Tanka Bars and Tanka Sticks
Jackie from Houston

I love the flavors of these bars and sticks! They are a great snack for a protein uplift! I also like to use them as portion control for a meat serving, since they are low in calories, but are a great source of protein (more...)

Tanka Bites
Debra from Reidsville

My husband just love these snacks and they make such perfect gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, Birthday, and just to get something from his precious granddaughters, Joy and Faith! (more...)

Easy and lovely site
Diane from Miami Beach

Ordering a gift for my nephew - whose favourite food is buffalo was simple and included the option of a birthday message along with no pricing on it.
I'm only sorry that the original flavour was sold out - but am sure to order for him again for the holidays (more...)

tanka jerky
Elizabeth from Roanoke

love the jerky! (more...)

Tanka Bites
Mary from Portland

This product is excellent for wilderness expeditions is always a welcome treat. We are glad to support Native American Natural Foods for their efforts in returning the buffalo to us. Their website is interesting and easy to use (more...)

No Subject
Richard E.

I need to check on shipping speed and how the product tastes before reviewing (more...)

Maybe So
stephen from Bishop

No doubt the product and service are excellent! Now i will try the bite size resealable pouches option which just may be the ticket for a day of play in the wild (more...)

Taking care of my family
Grant from Lincoln

power food for raising a powerful 6 month old Lakota girl! (more...)

Treats for Jim & Edie
Edith from Melbourne

Enjoy these treats! (more...)

No Subject
shannon from Fairfax

Thank you!
I really appreciate your specials
It made it possible for me to afford this food (more...)

These are the best!
Stephanie from San Francisco

Just cleaned my local store out of the last 3 and remembered and I can order from the source! Can't wait and thank you for such great food! (more...)