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Tanka bites with cranberrries
Russell from Dundee

great taste good snack (more...)

excellent product
mary ann from Goose Creek

I buy tanka bars because I want to patronize Native American companies whenever I can and the are healthy and delicious (more...)

Look forward to a great product I forgot about and was reminded today.
Jon from Santa Fe

I hear about your product at a conference and I am looking forward to having the buffalo meat and cranberry as I am also starting a precontact diet native to our Southwest Pueblo tribes (more...)

Marie from Austin

The Austin Powwow Tiny Tot Committee is committed to providing authentic items for all 65 youth participants and Tanka has become one of our staples. They are the best! (more...)

Love the Original Bars!
Chris from Dell Rapids

While the newer bars are certainly not bad, the original bars are simply awesome! (more...)

Hau (m)
Robin from Glendale

Really love your product.

LR (more...)

original Tanka cranberry bar
Harm from Stockton

Absolutely the best. Haven't ordered in quite some time. Thanks again. Recommended to all (more...)

No Subject
Mary from Portland

We not only love Tanka products but are investors as well. Best buffalo meat on the market! Keep up the good work Native American Natural Foods (more...)

robert from farmington hills

I went online today and noticed that the Costco website no longer carries your "by the case" tanka bars. It was a convenient way to order a discounted price (more...)

Great back up plan to prevent snacking on junk food!
Terry P.

Perfect food to have in your purse or pocket to prevent snacking on junk food. Tastes great, just sweet enough to know the cranberries are there, not overly sweet. Follow with a big glass of water and I'm good for another 4 hours or work/play (more...)

No Subject
Troy from Bremen

Just watched the you tube video about the company. Great concept and happy to support this company. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to tasting these bars and passing them out to my family and friends! (more...)

Patsy from Coulee Dam

Well that was easy!! :) (more...)

Tanka Bites- TENDER!
Becky M.

Wow. This is really good. I didn't realize buffalo could be so tender. Not too spicy and just sweet enough. You have my highest compliments and best wishes for success (more...)